Royal Herb Essentials Collection with Foam


Ideal for starter



The ideal Starter kit for you! Contain Royal Herb EX Gel and  Royal Herb Rich Foam Treatment Cleanser.

Royal Herb EX Gel is created with the best ingredients to realize the ultimately beautiful bare skin. Powerful moisturizing ingredients lead to the well-moisturized, firm and elastic, radiant and clear skin.

Royal Herb Rich Foam Treatment Cleanse can create plenty of rich and creamy lather. The bubbles in this rich and creamy lather can enter in pores easily, help to envelop the dirt and impurities clogged in pores into the lather.

Making plenty of creamy lather is necessary to wash off the dirt and impurities clogged inpores. With using rich and creamy lather, the dirt and impurities clogged in pores areloosened and come up to the surface of the skin, then removed out finally.

Daily Skincare:
AM/PM Use every morning and night after washing your face. Apply 2 to 3 pushes to entire face evenly.

Special Skincare:
Weekly Exfoliate your face with the gel once or twice a week.

  • Twice a day after washing your face, apply this gel keeps your skin well-moisturized all day long. “Keep the skin well-moisturized ” is the solution for all the skin troubles, which is the key to obtain and maintain the beautiful bare skin.

    *95% of women felt their skin hydrated.
    (*according to the In-Use test performed by a test institute in Spain.)

  • It can help to reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and make the skin look more vividly alive.

    *90% of women noticed lines and wrinkles are reduced.
    (*according to the In-Use test performed by a test institute in Spain.)

  •  It also brings brightness to the skin, and hyperpigmentation is faded.

    *95% of women felt the skin is becoming brighter.
    (*according to the In-Use test performed by a test institute in Spain.)

  •  As an exfoliator, it helps to keep the skin cell turnover cycle ideal, which leads the healthy and beautiful skin.


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