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Royal Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Is in constant pursuit of beautiful, moist and supple skin. We continue with research to develop skincare products, which contain only plant-based ingredients, to seek the natural beauty of the human complexion.

Seven Features to Beauty

Royal Cosmetic's Seven Distinguishing Features to keep you sparkling forever

royalcos feat 1
royalcos feat 1

Pure Gold Flakes

Contains a blend of pure gold flakes,  which are also used in medical, dental, and acupuncture application as well as in foods.

Oil Free

kin requires hydration, and moisture is sustained through the use of plant based ingredients.

Animal Free

No animal based ingredients are used in this product. In pursuing the ideal beauty of natural skin, plant based ingredients have been stringently chosen as the primary ingredients.

Nature Conscious

No artificial fragrances or coloring are used.


Removes old skin cells and soil from within the pores, assisting the natural rhythm of regeneration.

4 Skin Types

This product can be used on normal, dry, oily and combination skin types.

Simple and Economical

Just moisture after washing. It is simple and economic form of skin care.

PureGold SkinCare

royalcos skincareBeautiful skin requires good blood circulation, good lymph functionality and active hormone secretion. The minus ions contained in pure gold generate a mild electrical current to promote blood circulation throughout the body and stimulate the lymph glands so that nutrients and oxygen can be carries to all the tissue, producing the following results.

  • Active generation of collagen
  • Activation of skin cells from increased hormone secretion
  • Improved metabolism and secretion of waste
  • Stimulation of the veins and nerves, leading to better blood circulation

In this way, gold enhances the skin’s innate strength and helps prevent aging by resolving dryness through more effective moisturizing and better metabolism, remedying wrinkles and spots and counteracting sagging skin. The gold flakes are not absorbed by the skin, but remain on the surface as ultrafine particles, which have the effect of constantly massaging the skin. The icons in the pure gold react with those inside the body helping to beautify the surface of the skin as well as deep within the skin tissue by stimulating every cell. From ancient times, pure gold has always been admired as a wonder drug in herbal medicine and as a symbol of eternity. Pure gold awakens the inner beauty of the skin and nurtures healthy skin to produce the overall effect of shining skin, both on the surface and also deep down inside.

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